Illustrative Notes—GLS: Special Edition 2021

Published February 26, 2021

On February 25, 2021, the Global Leadership Network debuted its first half-day Global Leadership Summit: Special Edition event featuring an incredible faculty, including fashion designer for the label, Fear of God, and head of Adidas Basketball, Jerry Lorenzo; behavioral investigator, Vanessa Van Edwards; 11-time best-selling author and leadership consultant, Patrick Lencioni; and best-selling author, award-winning leader and pastor, Craig Groeschel.


Enjoy these fun illustrative notes created by Natalia Warren, and use them to help you reflect on and apply what you learned.


Jerry Lorenzo

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Jerry Lorenzo Illustrative Summary

During this interview, Craig Groeschel explored the leadership behind Jerry’s fashion brand phenomenon, identifying how conviction, intention and empathy can drive your organization forward. See written notes >>


Vanessa Van Edwards

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Vanessa Van Edwards Notes for 2021 Special Eddition

During her talk, Vanessa explored the science of personality and dived into how we can better predict behavior, fix communication problems and build stronger, deeper relationships. See written notes >>


Patrick Lencioni

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Patrick Lencioni The 6 Types of Working Genius

During his talk, Patrick helped us unlock our natural genius and the genius of our teams, showing us how his simple model can guide our teams to thrive. See written notes >>


Craig Groeschel

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4 Steps to Boost Your Leadership Confidence

During his talk, Craig helped us identify the four steps we can take to boost leadership confidence to battle insecurity both personally, on our teams and in this season. See written notes >>


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